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    BACIP Received Delegation from Jining High-Tech Zone

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    • Data:2020-09-24 11:17:00

    On September 24, Beijing Association for Advanced Carbon Industry Promotion and Zhongguancun Information Valley jointly organized an investigation communication activity of "Promoting High-quality Projects Implementation in Shangdong Jining High-tech Zone". 

    At the symposium, the responsible person of Beijing Shouhang Tongfei Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. and Zhongrun Chaoyou (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. respectively had highly effective discussions on landing matters in Jining High-tech Zone. 

    Liu Wei, Secretary General said that Jining High-tech Zone attaches great importance to the advanced carbon materials industry, BACIP will continue to steadily promote the landing of relevant technologies and projects in Jining with Zhongguancun Information Valley. He hopes Jining High-tech Zone will give more support to the implementation project companies.

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