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    BACIP Promoted China-South Korea Cooperation in New Material Project

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    • Data:2020-09-15 11:10:00

    On September 15, William Liu, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of Beijing Association for Advanced Carbon Industry Promotion, accompanied the delegation of Korea Keben company to visit Beijing Graphene Institute, Beijing innovation Aika Technology Co., Ltd. and other companies to explore the overseas development path of Chinese new material enterprises under the new international situation.

    Dr. Li Jiongli of Beijing Graphene Institute introduced the graphene technology application and industrialization development situation to the delegation in detail. 

    At the symposium, Jin Chengxuan, Chairman of the Korean Keben Optoelectronic Company, said that China has been in the fore ranks of the world in graphene, the advanced carbon material technology and industrialization, and hopes that China’s new material technology can combine with the needs of Korean enterprises, and produce downstream products in South Korea and promote them globally. 

    William Liu, Secretary General of BACIP said that the Beijing Association for Advanced Carbon Industry Promotion is a bridge to help Chinese entrepreneurs in the field of advanced carbon materials communicate with entrepreneurs from all over the world. He believes China's advanced technology will go abroad and go to the world through the efforts of all parties.

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