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    BACIP Helped Member Enterprises Project Implementation

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    • Data:2020-09-10 10:56:00

    On September 10, William Liu, Secretary General of Beijing Association for Advanced Carbon Industry Promotion, led the member enterprise-Shandong  Hengyuan Petrochemical Company to Tangshan for field investigation and docking of advanced carbon industry projects.

    The research group came to Huarui Coal and Coke Chemical Company for communication. Combining with the industry development direction of Hengyuan Petrochemical, the two parties conducted deepening communication on the industrialization projects and industrial park construction, and reached a preliminary agreement.

    At the symposium, William Liu , Secretary General of BACIP said that the main function of BACIP is to solve the problems encountered by enterprises through the platform resources based on the needs of member enterprises, exclude the difficulty and anxiety for enterprises, carry out multi-level communication and provide high-quality and efficient services.

    Shandong Hengyuan Petrochemical Group expressed its gratitude to BACIP for its active docking and proactive service for its member enterprises, earnestly understanding the needs of enterprises, and willing to work together with BACIP on the road of industrial development.

    Subsequently, the research group visited Tangshan New Carbon Materials and Graphene Application Industrial Park for field investigation, and discussed the implementation plan of new carbon materials and graphene application research and development and industrialization project. 

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