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    Interim Report on the Completion of BACIP-Daqing Graphene Industry Plan

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    • Data:2020-08-27 10:37:00

    On the afternoon of August 27, the interim achievement report-back meeting of “Daqing Graphene Industry Research and Development Plan” was held in Daqing Economic and Technological Development Zone. 

    The participants listened to the research group's analysis on the current industrial situation of Daqing, the prospect of combining Daqing's characteristic industries with graphene and other advanced carbon application technologies, the development trend of global graphene industry, the application technology status of graphene and advanced carbon industry in China, the industrial planning suggestions of Daqing Petrochemical New Material Industrial Park, and the suggestions on investment promotion policies of the park. Leaders attending the meeting also put forward opinions and suggestions for further deepening and improving the planning and preparation work and also exchanged and discussed the technical upgrading of Daqing oilfield service enterprises, the progress of key investment projects, the establishment of industry guidance fund, the cooperation mode of Graphene Application Technology Research Institute, the industrial technology docking and the normal operation mode of service. 

    After the meeting, the research group visited Daqing HBP, Daqing Puluo Petroleum, Harbin Cable and other enterprises for investigation and communication. 


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