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    BACIP Helped the Implementation of Advanced Carbon Project in Shandong

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    • Data:2020-08-17 10:45:00

    The research group of China International Graphene Industry Union and Beijing Association for Advanced Carbon Industry Promotion visited Jining, Laiwu, Xintai and other places during the investment promotion activity of "Zhicheng Shandong" in Zhongguancun Information Valley from August 17 to Aug 20, 2020 to help the advanced carbon materials projects to land in Shandong.

    On August 17, the research group arrived in Shandong Jining High-tech Zone to attend the Strategic Signing and Project Promotion Meeting of Beijing Tongzhou Industrial Transfer Enterprise Alliance. After the meeting, the research group visited Yuangen Petroleum Chemical, Kunlun Petrochemical and other lubricating oil production enterprises. 

    On August 18, the research group arrived in Laiwu, Shandong Province to attend the 2020 Beijing-Shandong Cooperation (Laiwu High-Tech Industrial Development Zone) Industry Precise Docking Meeting. At the meeting, the guests respectively presented their projects and conducted discussions on implementation requirements. 

    On August 19, the research group arrived in Xintai, Shandong Province, and visited the base exhibition hall of Xintai Zhongguancun Information Valley, Xintai Municipal E-commerce Public Service Center, Te Bian Dian Gong Shandong Luneng Cable, former Explosion-proof Motor Factory, Jingtaixing, Binhu New District, etc. 

    BACIP will also continue to carry out industrial connection across the country, promote the "Four Modernizations" (Industry Intelligent, Intelligent Industrialization, Cross-border Integration, and Brand High-end) with “Four-New” (New Technology, New Industry, New format and New Model), and coordinate with various advantageous resources to promote the high-quality development of advanced carbon materials industry in China. 


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