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    BACIP Organized the National Graphene Industry Research

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    • Data:2020-08-10 10:03:00

    In order to comprehensively understand the current development status of graphene application technology in China, learning from experience, enhance understanding, and better complete the preparation of the development plan of graphene industry in Daqing, from August 9 to Aug 14, 2020, the research group of Beijing Association for Advanced Carbon Industry Promotion went to Shenzhen, Ningbo, Shanghai, Suzhou, Changzhou, Wuxi and other places for field investigation. The research group visited representative research institutes, parks and key enterprises, and held discussions with industry experts, local leaders in charge and well-known entrepreneurs to fully understand the current development trend of graphene industry, relevant technology maturity and market prospect, successful experience of park construction and operation, and collect first-hand information to seek suggestions for the development of graphene application technology in Daqing.

    On the morning of August 10, the research group visited
    Shenzhen Graphene Institute. 

    In the afternoon, the research group visited Shenzhen BTR New Material Group. 

    On August 11, the research group went to Ningbo to investigate Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences. 

    The research group then has successively investigated Ningbo Morsh, Ningbo Routan, Ningbo Xilv, Ningbo Shanshan New Energy Engineering Center and other key graphene enterprises, visited Zhejiang Graphene Manufacturing Innovation Center, and learned the construction and operation experience of NGIC. 

    On August 12, the research group visited Shanghai Institute of Microsystems and Information Technology and Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Shanghai Xiwang Technology Co., Ltd. 

    On the morning of August 13, the research group visited the exhibition hall of Wuxi Graphene Industry Development Demonstration Zone, Wuxi Graphene Application and Research and Development Center, visited Wuxi Gefei and other companies in the demonstration zone, and also visited Testing and Research Laboratory of the National Graphene Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. 

    In addition, the research group also visited the exhibition hall of China Graphene Science and Technology Industry, Jiangsu Graphene Manufacturing Innovation Center, Jiangnan graphene Town, Jiangnan Graphene Institute, and mastered the first-hand information of Changzhou graphene industry. 

    On August 14, the research group successively visited the key graphene enterprises and their production lines in Changzhou such as the Sixth Element, 2D Carbon, 2D Graptherm and Changzhou Tanford. 

    On August 15, the research group visited Suzhou Institute of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics(SINANO), Chinese Academy of Sciences. 

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