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    BACIP Started Survey to Help Daqing Industrial Development

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    • Data:2020-07-31 11:59:00


    From July 19 to July 22, 2020, in order to better formulate the development plan of graphene industry in Daqing, the graphene industry research group of Beijing Association for Advanced Carbon Industry Promotion went to Daqing for field research, visited some representative local enterprises and parks, and had a discussion with relevant local leaders and entrepreneurs. 



    The research group successively visited the People's Government of Daqing and the Management Committee of Daqing Economic and Technological Development Zone, and exchanged views with the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and the functional departments of the subject of Economic and Technological Development Zone on local industrial base and features, production factors and resources, technical advantages of graphene industrialization and possible industrial combination points. 



    Wang Liming, Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Daqing Economic and Technological Development Zone, said at the forum that Daqing is a resource-based city dominated by oil, and its industrial transformation and upgrading cannot be separated from the injection of new materials and new technologies. He hopes the research group can help Daqing figure out its industrial development ideas, carry out evaluations on the elements and markets needed for the development of graphene industry in Daqing, refine the development direction, and hope to utilize the capital, enterprises and international resources of BACIP and CIGIU to combine new graphene material technology with services for stable production, increase production and cost reduction and efficiency increase of Daqing Oilfield, and provide technical support for the development of new materials and high-end equipment manufacturing industry in Daqing . Meanwhile, he also hopes that after investigation, they can make use of the advantages of the CIGIU to help Daqing expand the vision of attracting investment and talent attraction and help the relevant industrial development in Daqing. 



    William Liu, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of Beijing Association for Advanced Carbon Industry Promotion, said that after years of development and continuous breakthrough, many technologies can be industrialized. This survey is to implement the guiding spirit of Daqing municipal leaders on the combination of graphene application technology with petrochemical industry and new materials, integrate the advantages of all parties, strengthen the docking of technology and industry, create Graphene technology application industry chain and explore new opportunities and new innovation. 



    During the research and investigation, the research group collected the needs of local enterprises for graphene and other advanced carbon materials to promote the transformation and upgrade of the enterprise. In order to promote industrial development, in the next step, it plans to carry out relevant technology transfer and exploration attempt on graphene lubricant, graphene carbon fiber energy-saving wire, graphene heat tracing products, graphene energy-saving adsorption technology for poor oil mines, graphene cooling film, graphene anti-corrosion coating and other projects through comprehensive evaluation on the demand, market and various elements. 



    The research group will also visit several core organizations of China International Graphene Industry Union, and leading graphene industry area, key institutions and leading enterprises of graphene application and technology in China, fully borrow experiences from other areas, learn from the development lessons to take its strong points and make up for its weaknesses, and strive to base on Daqing’s own characteristics to build an important national-level new material industry cluster gathering "Distinctive Industrial Features, Significant Brand Effect, Close High-end Link and Active Innovation and Entrepreneurship" in Northeast China and become a new banner and benchmark of new era! 



    This survey was led by William Liu, Secretary General of Beijing Association for Advanced Carbon Industry Promotion. Yu Gui, Graphene lubricant expert, Li Shanshan, Deputy Secretary General of BACIP, Zhang Lisheng, Principal of East China Secretariat, Researcher Lv Rui and Zhao Jingyu jointly participated in this survey. 



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