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    Co-construction Plan of Graphene Manufacturing Innovation Center Conference in Beijing

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    • Data:2020-04-03 14:16:28


    On April 2nd of 2020, the pre-evaluation conference of Co-construction Plan of Graphene Manufacturing Innovation Center was held in Beijing. The conference was co-organized by Beijing Municipal Economic and Information Technology Bureau, Shenzhen Industrial and Information Technology Bureau and Ningbo Municipal Economic and Information Technology Bureau, and hosted by Beijing Graphene Institute, Beijing Association for Advanced Carbon Industry Promotion, Zhongkepingxin Information Technology Institute. Relevant leaders Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Aero Engine Corporation of China, academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Gan Yong, Wang Haizhou, Nie Zuoren and Shan Zhongde, academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences,  Liu Zhongfan and Zhang Jin, and technical experts, Li Jianlin, Qiao Xiaojie and Li Junxi, attended the conference. 

    At the conference, Beijing Graphene Industry Innovation Center introduced the Co-construction Plan of Graphene Manufacturing Innovation Center”, and the heads of relevant application units of Zhejiang Graphene Manufacturing Innovation Center and Guangdong Graphene Innovation Center made additional speeches through video. On the basis of the current situation of graphene industry development in China and in combination with the foundation and experience of the operation of existing manufacturing innovation center, the experts attended the conference fully discussed and put forward relevant suggestions from the perspective of strategic, leading and major basic commonness, centering on the organizational structure, operation mechanism, innovation capacity construction, operation and achievement transformation of graphene manufacturing innovation center and unanimously agreed on "Co-construction Plan of Graphene Manufacturing Innovation Center". 


    In the way of "Corporate + Alliance", the Graphene Manufacturing Innovation Center took Beijing Graphene Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. as the applicant unit, and was established by Ningbo Graphene Innovation Center Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Graphene Innovation Center Co., Ltd., Beijing Graphene Institute and Beijing Association for Advanced Carbon Industry Promotion. 


    As the main body of the "Alliance" of the innovation center, Beijing Association for Advanced Carbon Industry Promotion takes serving the high-quality development of graphene industry as its mission, gathers and integrates the resources and advantages of enterprises, scientific research institutes, universities, etc., strengthens innovation, promotes the combination of production, learning, research and application, enhances international cooperation, builds the innovation ecosystem of graphene manufacturing industry throughout the innovation chain and industrial chain, and jointly builds the first-class co-construction and sharing graphene industrialization platform in China. 

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