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    He Zhonghua, Mayor of Daqing and His Delegation Visited BIGT

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    • Data:2019-12-12 12:04:45


    On December 10, He Zhonghua, Mayor of Daqing and Yan Xiangsen, Vice Mayor of Daqing, visited BIGT to investigate the technology and industrialization of graphene and discuss the development of new graphene material industry in Daqing. Wang Xudong, Dean of BIGT and Wang Gang, the Secretary and Vice Chairman of BIGT attended the talks and introduced in detail the development situation of graphene technology and industrialization in domestic and overseas, as well as the technology and industrialization mastered by BIGT. Ruan Ruxiang, Permanent Vice of CIGIU, Zhou Shuangcheng, Vice Chairman and William Liu, the Secretary General accompanied the delegation to visit and communicate.

    At the symposium, Ruan Ruxiang, Permanent Vice Chairman of CIGIU, warmly welcomed the visit of Mayor He Zhonghua and his delegation on behalf of the Union and expressed CIGIU’s willingness to fully support the development of graphene industry in Daqing;

    Mayor He was shocked by a series of graphene application technologies of international leading and independent intellectual property rights obtained by AECC Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials, CIGIU’s Chair Member, who has been devoting to the research and development of graphene composite materials for more than ten years. He was proud of China's leading position in the field of graphene composite materials in the world, and expressed that Daqing is willing to take advantage of CIGIU’s support to actively participate in the transformation of graphene new material technology in China, invite BIGT to jointly establish application technology incubation and innovation center in Daqing, hope to give full play to the advantages of Daqing in electricity, gas, chemical raw materials, industrial foundation and other aspects in combination with the investment drive of leading companies to continuously carry forward the fine tradition of courage and innovation, and seize the historical opportunity of graphene industry outbreak in the early stage to help Daqing occupy the leading position in the industry of the whole province.

    Taking this symposium as an opportunity, CIGIU will always assist BIGT and core member institutions in the process of graphene industrialization, jointly establish an industrial innovation platform with Daqing, cooperate with the resource integration of leading industrial enterprises, and jointly promote the development of graphene industry.

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