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    Brief Introduction

    China International Graphene Industry Union (CIGIU) is an international and non-profit organization with members worldwide including universities, research institutions, internationally recognized & major graphene-domain-focused enterprises, and financial investment groups and associations. China International Graphene Industry Union (CIGIU) has headquarter based in Beijing, China. 

    CIGIU’s Chair member is the AECC Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials, which established a joint venture called the Beijing Institute of Graphene Technology (BIGT) with the investment institution of Beijing Municipal Government. BIGT is the main operation body of the Beijing Graphene Industry Innovation Center and undertakes the task of establishing  the China Graphene Manufacturing Innovation Center at national level. 



    Proceeding from China and embracing the world, CIGIU establishes an inclusive platform for international collaboration in the graphene industry, science & technology, and financial industries, aims to set up a sharing mechanism for resources covering industrial research information and intellectual property, and facilitates the industrial application and production of graphene technology so as to promote the development of the global graphene industry.


    Organizational Structure


    Core Values

    CIGIU has important resources such as: worldwide advanced scientific research institution's achievements, multinational corporations, public listed companies and other key production enterprises, as well as international capital. CIGIU has 18 branches globally, with engagement of local governments, encouraging institutions in Union undertakings, bears responsibility for localised information gathering, promotion, event organization, resource integration, and coordination with Beijing headquarters.
    Matrass Mining Technology, one of the founding members, owns a world-class large crystalline graphite mine, with graphite production amounting to 17,755,800 tons. Preparation of raw material is available for reliable and advanced carbon material graphene enterprise applications.
    Using funds of issuance from technology incubators, industrial development, mergers and acquisitions, construction of industrial parks, CIGIU aims to promote industrialization of graphene thereby advancing graphene technologies and applications. CIGIU has a strong ability to raise funds overseas, including financial support from the Rockefeller family, the World's Science and Financial Group, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and the European side.
     Usually, the main concern for enterprises is profitability, whereas local governments are more concerned about the linkage effect on the local economy. CIGIU’s high-standard international branding, global perspective, S&T professionals, technical resources, financial instruments, etc., will provide local governments (or industrial parks) with strong support.

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